Governor Gavin Newsom released the May Revision to his proposed 2021–22 state budget — also known as his “California Comeback Plan” — and much attention is being given to the number of proposals and large dollar amounts. The governor’s latest proposal and the economic position California finds itself in today are striking given the global pandemic and recession.

California’s state leaders have more than $100 billion in funds available to be invested over the current budget, and future years. Broken down, the Newsom administration is projecting $75.7 billion in additional revenues over the current fiscal year (2020–21) and budget year…

California children and families will receive much-needed money to buy food, pay for housing or child care, and other urgent needs thanks to the American Rescue Plan approved in early March by Congress and signed by President Biden.

And the number of children and families who will benefit from assistance through an expanded Child Tax Credit is remarkable — 7.9 million to 9 million California children, according to estimates from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and ITEP, respectively. …

Investing in the Health and Economic Well-Being of Every Californian Can’t Wait

As California and our country move forward to tackle the challenges facing our communities and make life better for our families and neighbors, the California Budget & Policy Center continues our commitment to advancing public policies that improve the lives of Californians who have been blocked from sharing in the state’s prosperity.

We recognize a healthy and vibrant democracy and economy, and brighter California is possible when we remove the policy barriers blocking Californians in low- and middle-income households, as well as Asian, Black, Latinx, and Pacific-Islander Californians and other Californians of color from fully participating in the state’s economic…

It’s October 15 and still Congress and the Trump Administration haven’t provided the $14 billion California leaders planned for in the 2020–21 state budget agreement in order to roll back “trigger cuts” — otherwise known as spending that won’t happen on K-12 education, the California State University and University of California systems, housing production, and other services for Californians.

This means that students, families, and individuals won’t have the supports and resources needed to weather the COVID-19 health and economic crisis safely.

Whether support will come from new rounds of federal negotiations over possible COVID relief, Californians won’t know for…

While Congressional leaders have allowed an expansion of federal unemployment benefits to expire and failed to extend a ban on evictions for most federally subsidized rental housing, millions of Californians and Americans struggled again to pay rent, buy food for their families, and avoid serious illness.

For many out-of-work Californians — particularly Black, Latinx, and other Californians of color — the situation grows worse by the day. Forced out of their homes and into crowded housing with family or friends, skipping car payments, running up credit card debt to cover basic expenses. And all while the risk of the coronavirus…

Another day ticks by and out-of-work Californians are increasingly uncertain how they’re going to pay their rent and put food on the table if Congress cuts federal unemployment benefits, as Senate Republicans have proposed.

This much is clear: Cutting federal unemployment benefits by any amount attacks the economic security of Black and brown workers and families across California, as well as low-income households in every community.

At the California Budget & Policy Center, we look closely at numbers, facts, and information every day. …

California Budget & Policy Center

Independent policy research, analysis, and commentary with the goal of helping create an economy that works for all Californians.

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